December Beauty Empties


Anyone else feel like they run out of all their beauty products at the same time? December was an especially productive month for “empties”. I collected the items that I used up over the month of December and have put together mini reviews. I’ll let you know what I think and if it’s something I would repurchase or not. So here we go, December Empties!

Just be prepared to see this one in pretty much and empties post. This is my favorite brand of hairspray of all time. I discovered this hair spray in college and have never looked back! This can is the strongest hold that they make, which I bought because finding the Level 5 hold is actually really hard! So when I found it, I scooped up two cans. But I have to say, that the level 5 hold isn’t my favorite. I prefer the Level 4 so once I use up my other can of the Level 5, I’ll be going back to my old faithful of the Level 4. The Level 5 had great hold and is considered a “touchable” hairspray but, for me, it makes my hair just a little too crunchy. The level 4 is the perfect amount of hold and touchability but overall this is a great spray and I recommend it for all hair types!


Thayers Witch Hazel Toner is an alcohol-free toner with aloe vera, rose petal water, witch hazel extract, and Vitamin E. I purchased this out of convince and have since fallen in love! I wanted a travel size toner for when I was in the hospital giving birth and this was the only one I could find in a travel size at my local Target so I purchased it without a second thought and threw it in my hospital bag. Once I started using this, I noticed a significant difference in my skin and have dreaded the day that I would run out. Sadly, that day has come and they have been out of the Rose Petal scent every time I’ve gone to my local Target! I will purchase this ten times over and it will be a new staple in my skin care. At the moment, I am using a different toner that I had purchased previously but once I have used that one up, I’ll be ordering this one in bulk! The travel size has lasted me almost six months so I can’t wait to purchase the full size which is 12 oz versus the 3 oz travel size.


So this is a boring one but it takes forever to use up one of the bottles of contact lens solution so I always feel accomplished when I use one up. I won’t spend a lot of time on this one…it’s your basic contact lens solution, it’s what I’ve always used 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ moving on!


If you’ve never hear of Arbonne, you’re missing out!! I normally don’t buy into the direct sales companies but Arbonne is one that I can get behind and have purchased from several times over. Only draw back…it can be pretty pricy so I don’t it purchase often, it’s definitely a splurge but well worth it. The products are amazing and if I could afford it, I would throw out all my skincare and strictly use these products! The corrective eye cream is great and reduces puffiness, under eye circles, and is anti-aging. I’ve purchased this 3 times and if I could afford to buy it every time, I would!


I got this in an Ipsy bag a couple of months ago and was hesitant to use it. I love Smashbox and their products but every Smashbox primer I’ve tried has never worked for me! People rave about them and the primer oil is a cult classic with my favorite YouTubers but it broke me out like crazy and my make up slip all over the place. This primer was ok for me. Again, Smashbox primers just aren’t my thing. I used this up, it did a decent job but I prefer my drugstore primers to this any day. It’s slightly tinted and supposed to create a “glow” but I didn’t really get anything from it. All in all, not bad but not for me


I got this little guy in my most recent Ipsy bag and based off of the description, I couldn’t wait to try it! I opened it immediately and started using it. It takes a lot for me not to use up an entire product even if I don’t care for it but this one is being tossed without finishing! The first couple of days were good but after day 2-3, I noticed some weird patches on my face and small breakouts. It wasn’t anything crazy but it was enough that I was concerned. I don’t break out easy and this was the only thing I had changed in my skincare so I stopped using it for a couple days and used my original nighttime moisturizer. My skin immediately cleared up. I thought maybe it was coincidence so I tried the Chok Chok cream again for a couple days and immediately had the same results 😫 so this one is going in the trash bin without being completed. It was a small sample so it’s not worth giving to someone or donating. I’m so disappointed! I wanted to love this product and get on the Korean beauty bandwagon but this one was a fail for me. However, the scent is lovely and the consistency is really nice.


This little guy, I really enjoyed using. I didn’t notice any amazing results but it was nice to use something a little different in my skincare/nighttime routine. The BirchJuice Hydro Sleeping Pack is a mask that you put on as the last step in your nighttime routine and rinse off in the morning. Let’s be real, with an infant that wakes up at random hours in the morning, I almost always forgot to actually rinse my face in the morning but I never noticed any issues with leaving it on my skin. When I remembered, I would at least use some micellar water and a cotton pad to cleanse my skin. I didn’t use this every night. I would use it a couple times a week until it ran out. On the nights I used this, I used it in place of my nighttime moisturizer.  Overall, it was a nice product! Not something I feel necessary to repurchase but was fun to try and would use again in the future.


This conditioner was so so for me. I received this in a Redkin gift set sometime ago and it sat in my bathroom for a long time before I actually used it. It’s a basic conditioner, I don’t really have anything good or bad to say about it. It did the job but I didn’t notice any big changes in my hair. Overall, I would not repurchase this. I have another condition that is my favorite that I’ll be going back to!


This product is so good! This was just a sample size that I used up but I have a huge tub of it sitting in my cabinet. Gelee is a gel that can ease tired muscles and also hydrate the skin. It’s also great for sunburns and mosquito bites. When I was running consistently, I would use gelee all over my legs and then use a foam roller and I could tell a huge difference anytime I used it. LOVE LOVE LOVE this product.


I received this in a BumpBox subscription box while I was pregnant and I have to say, it’s very nice! Towards the end of my pregnancy, I had awful swelling and terrible terrible joint pain in my hands and feet. I had this in my cabinet and used it out of desperation one night and it did ease my joint pain. It didn’t do much for my swelling but I did feel better after a nice soak with this. You can use as much of the product as you want in your soaks so it’s up to you how quickly you go through it. For me, I did my soaks in my oversized bathtub so I only got a few uses. Overall, I enjoyed this product but probably would not purchase again on my own. I prefer a full body soak as opposed to something that is just specific to my feet.


Hey Honey has become a brand that I really enjoy! I was first introduced to the brand through Ipsy and this mask has been one of my favorites! I normally stray away from exfoliating face products just because I often find exfoliants are too harsh on my face but this isn’t your traditional exfoliant. It’s an exfoliant in the sense that it exfoliates with the peel off component. I haven’t found many peel off masks that are true peel off masks but this one fits the bill. A thin layer is all you need and as soon as it’s dry, you can peel away. It peels off easy and doesn’t irritate the skin and leaves the skin feeling clean and smooth. I noticed a big difference in the size of my pores once I started using this. I would definitely purchase this mask again.


I bought this on a whim right after I had my baby. The packaging originally drew me in (I’m a sucker for good packaging) and as a new mom who barely got a shower let alone had time (or energy) to dry my hair, this sounded like a life saver. The Air Dry It Cream is designed to minimize heat use by working with your natural hair textures to smooth and shine the hair without using heat. I used up the whole bottle but I didn’t notice any real difference :/ Not much to say other than it didn’t hurt my hair but didn’t really help it either. Overall..not a bad product, just not for me.


My Sister gave me this for my birthday . I love dry shampoo and I think it’s the greatest invention butttt this brand was not my style. I like my dry shampoos to be pretty powdery. This doesn’t leave the dreaded white cast but I didn’t feel like this did what I needed it to do as a dry shampoo. I felt like this left a residue in my hair and didn’t really dry up the excess oils. I was happy when I finally used this bottle up and could go back to my old faithful dry shampoo.


If you watch any Beauty Guru on YouTube, you’ve likely heard of Josie Marin so when I got this foundation sample I was so excited. I had never tired any Josie Marin products before and had only ever heard great things. When I first used this foundation, I loved it! It was a medium coverage that could be built up and when I could catch my reflection I felt like it had a beautiful finish. I was sold and thought about purchasing a full size bottle. After using it a couple more times, it just quit working for me! The next few times I used it, it wouldn’t sink into my skin, it slipped everywhere, and took forever to blend. I would catch my reflection throughout the day and it looked awful! It clung to dry patches and showed every little bit of peach fuzz on my face.  I continued to use up the sample and some days it worked and some days it didn’t. I couldn’t figure out why some days I loved it and why some days it looked awful! It’s a mystery and I was glad to finally use the last pump of the bottle. I’ve heard amazing things about other products from Josie Marin but I would skip on this foundation. There’s plenty of great contenders at the drug store.


What I’m taking away from December’s empties is I’ll be going back to a lot of my old faithful’s. While I have a set list of go to products, I still love testing out new things. If you would like more detailed reviews about any of the products listed above, let me know in the comments! I’m happy to do more extensive reviews and will always take suggestions for new products to try!