January BumpBox

January BumpBox Time! Here’s what came this month…

Mighty Clean Baby Disposable Placemats

I was happy to get these this month! My sister used these like crazy when my nieces were little. This package comes with 4 disposable placements that have an adhesive on the back so you can place these anywhere. I’m excited to keep these in the diaper bag for future use!

Itzy Ritzy Travel Happens Sealed Wet Bag

This is FOR SURE going in my diaper bag ASAP. This zippered bag is a cotton exterior and the interior is a water resistant lining. It can be used for wet or dry clothing, diapers, cloth diapers, swimwear, you name it! It’s also machine washable. They come in several different patters and sizes. We are going to get a lot of use out of this in our house.

Water Wipes

I’ve heard great things about Water Wipes! I’m excited to have these and to use. This comes with a pack of ten wipes. I can’t decide if I’ll keep these in the diaper bag or I might hold on to them to use in case Anderson experiences diaper rash or skin irritation. We’ll see, either way, these will for sure be used! We go through more wipes than we do anything.

Yorba Organics Baby Lotion Kalahari Melon Oil

I love this already because it’s 100% natural and doesn’t contain my dreaded mineral oil! I’m loving the current lotion we are using on Anderson’s skin but once I use that up, I will definitely give this a try!

Green Sprouts Flip Top Sippy Cup

I’ve received several Green Sprouts products through BumpBox and I love them all! We haven’t really  ventured into sippy cups yet but I’m glad to have this one on hand for when we do!

The Berkeley Bag

This is cool because it’s a reusable shopping bag that has an attached area that holds cash, cards, change, receipts, or anything else you might need to carry with you in a wallet. I’m not sure how much I will use the wallet like portion but I will or sure use the re-usable shopping bag portion.


I’m happy with this month’s box, it’s not the best box I’ve received but definitely filled with products we will use 🙂



Interested in getting BumpBox or giving it as a gift? Check out the link below!




The Baby Dry Skin Dream Team!

I love when inspiration strikes out of nowhere! This post wasn’t originally planned but I came across two products that I just can’t say enough good things about! I posted about them on my personal Instastory and was flooded with messages and questions.

Being from the south, I’ve never had to really worry about dry skin in the winter. We get some cold temperatures but nothing ever too crazy (we’re lucky if we get one snow day every two years) but this year we had a major cold snap and it has lasted off and on for a few weeks.



Pre-baby Molly would have been in heaven! Give me all the boots, scarves, and big sweatshirts! I love bundling up and my skin doesn’t really dry out so it’s never been an issue for me.

Post-baby Molly? WINTER IS EXHAUSTING! And…why wasn’t it this cold last year when I was pregnant?! Dressing myself is still easy but trying to dress a baby?! My goodness, it’s just easier to stay home. Even worse then trying to get out and about is that the cold weather reeked havoc on poor Anderson’s skin. He woke up one morning with dry patches on his arms and legs and his poor cheeks were chapped and so so red!



When I realized how dried out his skin was, I began doubling up on his lotion and using Aquaphor on his cheeks. Initially, the Aquaphor was helping but seemed to be keeping his cheeks from getting worse but not really helping them get better. I tired a mix of lotions, Aquaphor, and coconut oil and nothing seemed to do the trick. I found myself constantly lathering him up with lotion (which he hated) and just not really seeing any improvement.

A couple of years ago I learned about a lot of products that can be your personal care products that are actually really bad for your skin! The main ingredient that is HORRIBLE for your skin is Mineral Oil (also known as petrolatum). You would think that something called mineral oil would be beneficial but there is nothing farther from the truth. Mineral Oil actually prevents your skin from being able to breath. It will clog your pores and damages the water layer of your skin that allows products to absorb. Basically, it suffocates the skin! I try to always check products for mineral oil or petrolatum before purchasing and I will not purchase it if it contains mineral oil.

As I began looking at the few baby products that I had on hand, I realized….THEY ALL HAVE MINERAL OIL IN THEM! I immediately stopped using them. I’d rather not use anything at all on his skin than use something that has mineral oil in it. The next day, we ventured to Target to see what alternatives we could find. I specifically wanted something that I felt comfortable using on his face.


As soon as we were on the baby care aisle, I started reading labels. I started to get frustrated because everything had mineral oil or petrolatum listed as an ingredient. Finally, I look up and see The Honest Company. Surely, they were safe right? And even better, there was big, bold print that said face and body! I snatched the bottle and scanned the ingredients.….NO MINERAL OIL! SOLD! In the buggy it went. My sister had also recommended using an eczema cream. I scanned the aisle and saw the Aveeno Baby Eczema Night Therapy balm. Again, I scanned through the ingredients and we were clear of Mineral oil so to the check out we went!



Anderson got his usual nighttime bath and I sat down to test out these new products. As first I was put off with The Honest Company Lotion just because the consistency seemed thin so I began thinking that this might not be the answer to our problems but I figured I would give it a shot anyway. It went over Anderson’s skin so nicely! I absorbed quickly and felt really nice on his skin. Ok, maybe I judged too quickly!

I used a little bit on his face but before he went to bed, I decided to try the Aveeno. I figured it wouldn’t hurt anything. As soon as I felt this product, I knew we had a winner. This stuff feels so good! It’s nice and creamy and thick! But the thickness doesn’t feel heavy at all. It glides over the skin so smoothly and just feels like a little bit of heaven! I put this all over Anderson’s cheeks and put him to bed.

The next morning, Anderson’s skin looked and felt so much better! The redness and dryness on his cheeks was a total night and day difference. And the dry patches on his arms and legs had greatly improved as well. I’m so impressed with these two products that I have put everything else that I had tried out in the back of the cabinet and will only be using these from now on. We’ve been using these two products for less than three days and it has completely transformed his skin. I would recommend these to anyone and everyone and not even just for kids. I love the Aveeno so much, I want to purchase the big tub for myself to use! If you or your child is suffering from dry skin, I would strongly recommend trying these out!

What are your favorite baby care products? What products have worked out and what haven’t?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Buy The Honest Company Face & Body Lotion Here!

Buy Aveeno Baby Eczema Therapy Nighttime Balm Here

2018…Let’s Do This!

Oh the New Year! There’s always been something about the countdown to midnight on New Year’s Eve that has always made my heart flutter! Granted I’ve never actually fulfilled a full year of New Year’s resolutions but it’s always fun to set myself up for new challenges.


I’m a very goal oriented person but setting a goal and starting the journey to achieving that goal can be overwhelming! So here’s my method for setting and attaining goals…

I’m all about mini goals that guide you to your ultimate goal. Give yourself tiny benchmarks and take those tasks one at time. Before you know it, your end goal is in sight and you can look back and see your progress through the mini goals!


So 2018…What do I want to accomplish? How am I going to go about it? Am I actually going to complete ANYTHING that I set out to do? I hope so because I’m going to use you guys as my accountability partners! You will know if I succeed or if I fail. I’ll be an open book and won’t sugar coat how everything is going.


So let’s go…2018…what do I want to accomplish?


  • Run at least 1 mile/day

Before getting pregnant, I was an avid runner. I consistently ran half marathons and even completed a full marathon in 2016. After my marathon, I took a brief break because I was completely burned out after marathon training and we had some life moments that continued to push back lacing back up my Nikes. After giving birth, I jumped back into running fairly quickly but have since fallen off the wagon again. I used to barely be able to function if I didn’t get a run in so now I’m going to ease myself back into it!


The goal? A minimum of 1 mile/day. No excuses! I have several running paths right outside my front door, a jogging stroller, and for bad weather days, a treadmill(😫 last resort!!). I have no reason not to lace up! Thinking about running everyday for 365 Days is enough to cause me to rethink this resolution, even as a previous runner. Shoot…thinking about running everyday for one month makes me anxious! So here’s my plan….I’m going to take it week by week. You can do anything for one week. I will only set expectations for that week and that week alone. I won’t think about the weeks before or the weeks ahead. I will check off each day and track each run with my favorite apps. I’d love to get back into racing, especially half marathons, but to start, I’m just going to get moving!


  • Get back to pre baby weight (and then some)

Alright, alright here’s your typical weight loss goal that everyone and their mother sets every year. I’ve always been weight conscious and have never felt fully comfortable in my own skin so when I got pregnant, I accepted that I wouldn’t have any control over what my body was going to do. I knew no matter what that I had to nourish my body for my baby. Not going to lie, it was uncomfortable when I started seeing numbers on the scale I had never seen before. It was hard but it also meant my little nugget was growing, which was all I could ask for.


I gained right around 35 pounds when all was said and done.  I was surprised that I had only gained 35 pounds, but it definitely was not what I was used to. Being 4’11, the smallest weight gain shows quickly so I knew getting back into my pre-pregnancy clothes was going to be a process. I’m lucky in the sense that the first 20-25 pounds literally just fell off…I didn’t really have to do anything to jump start the weight loss so I just assumed I’d be back to pre-baby weight in no time! Welllll six months post partum and that pesky 10 pounds is still sticking around. I was about 10 pounds heavier that normal when I got pregnant so in reality, I’d love to knock off 20ish pounds but that alone sounds so overwhelming! So here’s the plan..


I’m going to focus on the last 10 pounds from pregnancy. I can wrap my head around 5-10 pounds at a time so the first half of 2018, I’m only going to focus on what I gained from pregnancy. I have two weddings that I am in before my son’s first birthday in June so my goal is to have to have dresses taken in and not just hemmed (like everything else I own…the joys of being 4’11)


  • Nap train my son in his crib

Ok this one is random but I have had to do some serious work with my son on napping! The first three months of his life he was an amazing napper. We hit month three and it completely changed and he never wanted to nap. I wouldn’t have thought anything of it except by mid afternoon, he would become inconsolable and I was crying almost as hard as he was.


I’ve gotten him back to napping consistently and sleeping well at night, however, he almost always naps in my bed. Before people jump all over me for letting him be in the big bed, he is never under any covers and I move all the pillows away from him. He literally just lays on top of the comforter and sleeps for 2-3 hours at a time. Which has completely saved my sanity!! However, I would like for him to associate all sleeping with his crib (which he sleeps in every night)…So my goal is to move any sleeping of any kind to his crib.


I don’t have a set plan on how to accomplish this just yet but I think I’m going to do something similar to how I’ve been sleep training him at night. If you want to hear about how I nap/sleep trained my son, let me know in the comments!


  • Growing my blog

Lastly, blogging is something I’ve wanted to do for so long that I really want to stay committed to it! I can easily see how it would be easy to quit before you even get started but now that I have started, I’m committed! I want to post consistently, create quality content, and create something I’m proud to show off! I’m all for constructive criticism and suggestions for content and expanding my little corner of the internet.



I’m so excited for 2018 and to see what it has in store! And for once, I feel like I’ve set resolutions that I can actually stick to for the year!


What are your New Years Resolutions? Who needs an accountability partner?


I’m your girl!


Happy New Year!! 2018 is going to be a great year!

Wait, What? I’m a Mom?!

Am I the only one out there that finds themselves looking down at their sweet bundle of joy and all of a sudden thinking “holy crap! I’m a mom…… When did this happen? How did the Universe decide I was capable of being a MOM?!” The truth is….I find I have one of these moments at least once a day and they hit me like a ton of bricks!

Oddly, these reality checks don’t occur during the hard moments. The hard moments when the baby’s crying uncontrollably or you’re changing the 100th diaper of the day while trying not to gag at the spit up covered shirt you’re wearing. They occur during the good moments. The moments when he smiles for no apparent reason or the rare moment he goes down easy for a nap. Those are the moments when I stop in my tracks and think “This is real life!”

Could these reality checks be the Universe telling me I kinda sorta don’t suck at this mom thing? Am I doing something right on this crazy journey of raising a tiny human? Is the Universe letting me know that I’m handling everything like a boss?

Eh, probably not but a girl can dream right?

I’ve officially been a mom for six months….SIX MONTHS! I still find it so hard to wrap my head around. Where did those six months go? I had all these expectations on what my life would be like if I was fortunate enough to be a stay at home mom and 98% of them are still sitting on a to-do list that I’m constantly re-writing and re-prioritizing.

Six months has ever felt so short and so long all at the same time. Some days I think “Heck yeah, I got this! I could have three more!” and other days I’m barely able to brush my teeth and can’t remember how many days in a row I’ve worn the same yoga pants. Let’s not even talk about the number of dry shampoo cans I’ve gone through.

Being a wife and a mom are the only two things I’ve ever been 100% certain of and have felt born to do. But even though I truly feel that this is what I was created to do, I have no stinking clue what I’m doing! I’m figuring it out just like the rest of the world.

I’m going to mess up. I’m going to make questionable choices. I’m going to have days where you won’t be able to tell who’s crying harder, me or the baby. But no matter how long or hard the days are, I wouldn’t be on this journey if the Universe didn’t think I could handle it.

So cheers my friends! We are all on different paths but at the end of the day, none of us really know what we’re doing. So lets support each other when the “holy crap” moments happen because we’re all figuring out our life plans together!

Yup, I’m starting a blog…


Alright folks, here we go! I’m doing something I’ve always wanted to do but have never had the courage to pursue. I’m officially throwing caution to the wind and taking some chances.

So blogging…what does that mean? Is anyone even going to care about my thoughts, stories, or opinions? Who knows! All I know is that I’ve lived and died by various bloggers over the past few years and thank goodness for them! I’ve purchased products, read books, tried new experiences, and self validated my own personal level of crazy through blogs.

I constantly find myself reading a blog and thinking two things:

1) I could totally do this
2) I WANT to do this!

Number two is the most important thought. To date, there are only two things that I have been truly, 100% passionate about in my life. When I say passionate, I mean things that I knew I was supposed to do with my life. Things that deep down, I knew God had created me to do.

1) Being a Wife
2) Being a mother

These two items listed above might be basic to some, but to me, they are the only things I’ve ever been certain of.

Growing up, my mom would ask my sister and me what we would want to be when we grew up. She would ask us every few years and neither one of our answers ever really deviated.

My sister knew early on that she wanted a career in mental health and has developed a very successful therapy practice (yup…I get free therapy…..daily….sometimes hourly #NoShame). Me on the other hand, I had no professional aspirations. I had no clue what I wanted to do as a career. My answer to my mom was simply that I wanted to be a wife and a mom. I’m am currently living those two passions and I am so incredibly grateful for a loving husband and a pretty awesome baby!

So whenever I find something that I truly want to do…something that I think I could be good at…I’m always taken aback. I’ll spending days, weeks, months, years telling myself all the reasons why I shouldn’t. I play out every worse case scenario and think up the craziest what if situations. I beat myself down and tell myself that I couldn’t do it and that I will fail. I’ve let a lot of opportunities and experiences pass by because I’ve stood in my own way.

Since becoming a mom, I’ve realized that I don’t want my children to have any of these thoughts, I want them to never be scared to pursue their dreams and experience life. I can only raise them to do those things if I am. So here I go! I’m about 500 miles outside of my comfort zone and taking all of you along for the ride!

*Queue crazy what if situations that I’ll be up all night thinking about but will never actually happen*



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