January New Years Resolutions Review Part 1

Hey guys! So month one of 2018 has come to a close and here are my New Years Resolutions updates! I’ve split them up into two posts because otherwise they would be ridiculously long so here’s week 1 and 2 round up!



The first week of the new year brought unusually cold temperatures for Georgia so trying to get runs in was tricky. Normally, I’ll brave the temperatures and run at one of the countless parks in my town but with a baby, the temperatures were too low to have him with me. So most days this week I had to settle for a late night treadmill run. Running on the treadmill is one of my least favorite ways to work out but, hey, you do what you gotta do. I got at least a mile in every day this week! Plus, I finally used up some gift cards that were burning a hole in my pocket and got new shoes!



Nike lunarglides are my current shoe choice. I tend to switch up my shoes depending on what level of training I’m doing. These are my second pair and I am really enjoy them for the lighter running I’ve been doing. I was able to stay pretty consistent with my pace each day and even was able to comfortably up the speed towards the end of the week.


Since I was limited to the treadmill this week, there wasn’t much progress weight wise. I’ve stayed around the same weight that I started the year with and not going to lie, I didn’t really focus on anything different with my diet. I spent my first week really tackling just getting moving again. If I can get back in the habit of running, I’ll start to adjust my diet so that I can sustain longer and faster runs. It’s all a process, one thing at a time. 🙂


On to nap training Anderson in his crib. This one is all over the place but making progress!! During the first week, I decided to tackle napping in the crib every other day just for the sheer fact that naptime and bed time are the only thing that keep me from feeling completely run down. The first few days went as well as can be expected. Some days were good, other days were not. Towards the end of week 1, we unexpectedly had to put down our oldest dog, Lucy. This was a super emotional day and I honestly just didn’t have the energy. He napped on and off all day but nothing solid and mainly they were on me, which I didn’t mind. I welcomed the snuggles. The next day was probably the best day yet with no napping issues and no issues going to sleep either but by Sunday…he wasn’t at all interested in napping again.


Blogging week 1 went great! I got up three different posts, pre-planned several topics, worked on getting more organized and set some goals for February. I have been keeping all of my drafts and other blogging items in a OneNote notebook, I had minor hiccup when my computer glitched and I lost some of my drafts and other information I had saved to OneNote. I slightly freaked out but was finally able to recover most of it and what I had lost wasn’t major. I was able to re-create anything that was lost..whew!! I also decided that trying to put up three posts a week might be a bit ambitious right now. I’m going to focus on one to two solid posts per week to make sure I’m delivering the best content I can.


We were FINALLY able to venture outside a couple days this week! It just confirmed how much I don’t like being on a treadmill! Being able to go outside for a run was so nice and taking Anderson along with me is even better. Unfortunately, we had another cold snap so I was bound back to the treadmill for a few days. Overall, I logged about 10 miles this week! I did have to walk some of those miles towards the end of the week. My left knee has been bothering me and feels like I might have hyper extended it. It took a couple days of just walking 1-2 miles towards the end of the week and it’s starting to feel better.


As far as weight loss goes, the number on the scale hasn’t moved but I do feel like I’m losing some inches. I still haven’t been great about diet and I really need to focus on upping my water intake. But I’ve stayed moving and was able to adjust down a notch on my Apple watch! I’ll take it!


Week 2 was a doozie for trying to get Anderson to nap in general. He’s in a growth spurt, teething, and trying to figure out how to crawl. With all that going on, his normal nightly sleep patterns were a little off and he was extra clingy. I was able to get him napping a couple of days in his crib but he mostly took little cap naps on me. The important thing was that he was napping so after fighting him a couple of days on naps, I finally just let him sleep regardless of where it was…9 times out of 10, that was on me.

As far as blogging this week, I really really second guessed myself. I go through these periods of self doubt and I really thought about throwing in the towel. Nothing in particular happened, I’m just bad about getting into my head so I did a mental reset. I’ve been hesitant to promote my blog. I finally decided to make a separate Instagram for the blog to begin promotion and letting people know I’m out there. I’ve made some more goals and plans of actions for continuing blogging and I’m ready to keep going!


How are you guys doing with your resolutions? Remember that you don’t need a new year to set new goals! Sometimes you just need a new week! Check out my January Part 2 coming soon!

January BumpBox

January BumpBox Time! Here’s what came this month…

Mighty Clean Baby Disposable Placemats

I was happy to get these this month! My sister used these like crazy when my nieces were little. This package comes with 4 disposable placements that have an adhesive on the back so you can place these anywhere. I’m excited to keep these in the diaper bag for future use!

Itzy Ritzy Travel Happens Sealed Wet Bag

This is FOR SURE going in my diaper bag ASAP. This zippered bag is a cotton exterior and the interior is a water resistant lining. It can be used for wet or dry clothing, diapers, cloth diapers, swimwear, you name it! It’s also machine washable. They come in several different patters and sizes. We are going to get a lot of use out of this in our house.

Water Wipes

I’ve heard great things about Water Wipes! I’m excited to have these and to use. This comes with a pack of ten wipes. I can’t decide if I’ll keep these in the diaper bag or I might hold on to them to use in case Anderson experiences diaper rash or skin irritation. We’ll see, either way, these will for sure be used! We go through more wipes than we do anything.

Yorba Organics Baby Lotion Kalahari Melon Oil

I love this already because it’s 100% natural and doesn’t contain my dreaded mineral oil! I’m loving the current lotion we are using on Anderson’s skin but once I use that up, I will definitely give this a try!

Green Sprouts Flip Top Sippy Cup

I’ve received several Green Sprouts products through BumpBox and I love them all! We haven’t really  ventured into sippy cups yet but I’m glad to have this one on hand for when we do!

The Berkeley Bag

This is cool because it’s a reusable shopping bag that has an attached area that holds cash, cards, change, receipts, or anything else you might need to carry with you in a wallet. I’m not sure how much I will use the wallet like portion but I will or sure use the re-usable shopping bag portion.


I’m happy with this month’s box, it’s not the best box I’ve received but definitely filled with products we will use 🙂



Interested in getting BumpBox or giving it as a gift? Check out the link below!




January Ipsy Bag

Alright y’all! Ipsy bag time! I’m pretty excited about this months products. There’s a few brands that I’ve tried before and some newbies. Let’s jump right in!

Initial thoughts..this color looks beautiful! I love a lip stain but they usually dry out my lips. Just by swatching it on my hand, it is so smooth and creamy! It did dry down and has stayed put on my hand. I’m really interested to see how this holds up on the lips. I’m ready to put this through the ringer to see how it holds up!

By now, yall know that I love a good mask but, I’m usually not a fan of anything that exfoliates my face. I just find that that the exfoliants are too rough for my facial skin but I will give this one a try. It says that it’s a gentle and good for sensitive skin so maybe it won’t be too rough for me. It is made with kaolin clay, coconut and avocado oils, and Vitamin C. This masque is designed to purify pores, absorb excess oils, nourish, and get skin glowing. We’ll see! I have two other masks that I’m trying to use up so I’ll be adding this into the rotation soon.

Serums have become a staple item in my skincare routine over the past couple years. I’m currently using one by Burt’s Bees and I really love it but I’m interested to give this one a try. This serum has argan stem cells that are designed to hydrate the skin and provide the skin with vitamins and minerals. It is supposed to help with how the skin regenerates as well as restore firmness and elasticity. This all sounds great to me! I’m excited to try it out.

I’ve tried Dirty Little Secret Cosmetics before so I’m excited to try this shadow out. There were two color options that were sent out, bikini or Sangria. Out of the two, I’m definitely happy with getting Bikini, it’s a more wearable color for me. The Sangria shade looked beautiful but was not a color I tend to gravitate towards for daily looks. Bikini is a beautiful bronze metallic shimmer that will be beautiful for summer! Excited to add this into my make up collection. The formula feels so smooth and buttery. It looks like it will be a great for blending and will have very little fall out!

YESSSSSSSSSS!!! I LOVE the Mary-Lou Manizer! I had this before I used every last bit that I could scrape out of the pan. I’m so excited to have another one! This a gorgeous warm honey highlight that looks great on the eye, cheekbones, down the nose…anywhere that you want to highlight, you can’t go wrong with this. It has a slight shimmer but not too much and is just one of the most perfect highlighters on the market. If you need a highlighter, this one is fantastic.


Overall, I’m pretty happy with this month’s bag. I’m always excited to get skincare and got products from some great brands! Keep checking back to see how these products check out!


Interested in getting your own Ipsy Bag? Click below to sign up!



Do you get Ipsy bags? If so, tell me what you got in your January bag!


The Baby Dry Skin Dream Team!

I love when inspiration strikes out of nowhere! This post wasn’t originally planned but I came across two products that I just can’t say enough good things about! I posted about them on my personal Instastory and was flooded with messages and questions.

Being from the south, I’ve never had to really worry about dry skin in the winter. We get some cold temperatures but nothing ever too crazy (we’re lucky if we get one snow day every two years) but this year we had a major cold snap and it has lasted off and on for a few weeks.



Pre-baby Molly would have been in heaven! Give me all the boots, scarves, and big sweatshirts! I love bundling up and my skin doesn’t really dry out so it’s never been an issue for me.

Post-baby Molly? WINTER IS EXHAUSTING! And…why wasn’t it this cold last year when I was pregnant?! Dressing myself is still easy but trying to dress a baby?! My goodness, it’s just easier to stay home. Even worse then trying to get out and about is that the cold weather reeked havoc on poor Anderson’s skin. He woke up one morning with dry patches on his arms and legs and his poor cheeks were chapped and so so red!



When I realized how dried out his skin was, I began doubling up on his lotion and using Aquaphor on his cheeks. Initially, the Aquaphor was helping but seemed to be keeping his cheeks from getting worse but not really helping them get better. I tired a mix of lotions, Aquaphor, and coconut oil and nothing seemed to do the trick. I found myself constantly lathering him up with lotion (which he hated) and just not really seeing any improvement.

A couple of years ago I learned about a lot of products that can be your personal care products that are actually really bad for your skin! The main ingredient that is HORRIBLE for your skin is Mineral Oil (also known as petrolatum). You would think that something called mineral oil would be beneficial but there is nothing farther from the truth. Mineral Oil actually prevents your skin from being able to breath. It will clog your pores and damages the water layer of your skin that allows products to absorb. Basically, it suffocates the skin! I try to always check products for mineral oil or petrolatum before purchasing and I will not purchase it if it contains mineral oil.

As I began looking at the few baby products that I had on hand, I realized….THEY ALL HAVE MINERAL OIL IN THEM! I immediately stopped using them. I’d rather not use anything at all on his skin than use something that has mineral oil in it. The next day, we ventured to Target to see what alternatives we could find. I specifically wanted something that I felt comfortable using on his face.


As soon as we were on the baby care aisle, I started reading labels. I started to get frustrated because everything had mineral oil or petrolatum listed as an ingredient. Finally, I look up and see The Honest Company. Surely, they were safe right? And even better, there was big, bold print that said face and body! I snatched the bottle and scanned the ingredients.….NO MINERAL OIL! SOLD! In the buggy it went. My sister had also recommended using an eczema cream. I scanned the aisle and saw the Aveeno Baby Eczema Night Therapy balm. Again, I scanned through the ingredients and we were clear of Mineral oil so to the check out we went!



Anderson got his usual nighttime bath and I sat down to test out these new products. As first I was put off with The Honest Company Lotion just because the consistency seemed thin so I began thinking that this might not be the answer to our problems but I figured I would give it a shot anyway. It went over Anderson’s skin so nicely! I absorbed quickly and felt really nice on his skin. Ok, maybe I judged too quickly!

I used a little bit on his face but before he went to bed, I decided to try the Aveeno. I figured it wouldn’t hurt anything. As soon as I felt this product, I knew we had a winner. This stuff feels so good! It’s nice and creamy and thick! But the thickness doesn’t feel heavy at all. It glides over the skin so smoothly and just feels like a little bit of heaven! I put this all over Anderson’s cheeks and put him to bed.

The next morning, Anderson’s skin looked and felt so much better! The redness and dryness on his cheeks was a total night and day difference. And the dry patches on his arms and legs had greatly improved as well. I’m so impressed with these two products that I have put everything else that I had tried out in the back of the cabinet and will only be using these from now on. We’ve been using these two products for less than three days and it has completely transformed his skin. I would recommend these to anyone and everyone and not even just for kids. I love the Aveeno so much, I want to purchase the big tub for myself to use! If you or your child is suffering from dry skin, I would strongly recommend trying these out!

What are your favorite baby care products? What products have worked out and what haven’t?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Buy The Honest Company Face & Body Lotion Here!

Buy Aveeno Baby Eczema Therapy Nighttime Balm Here

Christmas Shopping In January?

Ok so this post is about Christmas shopping. I know, I know it’s January. We just had Christmas and we are a full calendar year away from next Christmas. But my secret to Christmas shopping starts in January!


I buy Christmas gifts pretty much all year long. I keep an eye out for things, especially for my mom, sister, and in laws all the time. As I find things, I tuck them away in a specific place. Come thanksgiving, I’ll pull everything and evaluate what I have and then even out  anyone I’m short for. This makes Christmas and really any holiday or birthday so much less stressful! Most of the time I just end up having to fully shop for just a couple of people or pick up just a couple odds and ends to even things out.


With that said, I’m an avid online shopper and I have four websites that are serious game changers when it comes to gift giving. I’ve purchased gifts from these sites for any and all types of events that involve gifts. These sites have helped me to purchase gifts year around so that I’m not scrambling at Christmas time to get everyone crossed off my list as well as get some great quality products for fractions of what I would normally pay. Now, I might be stating the obvious with these websites but these sites are serious gift giving game changers (and for my own person purchases 😉 )

Jane.com and Groopdealz.com are my two all time favorite places to shop online. They are both similar in their concepts which is why I’ve listed them together. Basically, Jane and Groopdealz are flash sale style sites that contain anything and everything that you might have on a Pinterest board. These sites contain clothing, home décor, accessories, beauty products, and just about anything else you can think of. I go to these sites without a set agenda. I scroll through the main pages looking for anything and everything or scroll through their specific categories if there happens to be something specific I’m looking for. I’m able to knock out gifts for any of the ladies in my life, my son, my nieces and even find gifts for men. (Who here thinks men are the hardest people in the world to shop for?!) Overall, these two sites are my most visited pages on my computer and phone. (They both have apps!!)

Zulilly.com is similar to Jane and Groopdealz in the sense that it’s another flash sale style site. Zulilly is different in the sense that these are going to contain sales from more popular name brands where Jane and Groopdealz are going to be smaller more independent retailers. Zuilily has just about any item and brand you could think of and the deals really can’t be beat! I have purchased expensive, name brand items for fraction of the costs. Now, the only draw back can be shipping times. Shipping can vary greatly on Zulilly so if you need something in a pinch, I would suggest looking elsewhere but If you aren’t worried about a timeline, Zulily is great for gift purchases!

Amazon.com…ok this one is super obvious but seriously, how did any of us shop online before Amazon?! They literally have EVERYTHING. If you can’t find it on Amazon, it does not exist. You can be super specific in the items you are looking for or you can just do a general search and literally have hundreds results to look through. I love Amazon when I’m trying to find anything and everything. I’ve even started keeping a wish list of items for myself. I’m terrible at telling people what to buy me for my birthday or Christmas so I’m keeping a wish list so that I’m able to give it to friends and family if they ask what to give me as a gift.

These are my go-to sites for gifting and personal shopping. I’d love to hear what some of your favorite places to shop are! Leave me some suggestions in the comments below 🙂

I’m always looking for new and fun places to shop!

2018: The No Buy Year


After months of putting off organizing my newly remodeled bathroom, I finally got some organizing containers and stayed up until midnight sorting, organizing, and cleaning out the abundance of products that I have been hoarding!

When we unexpectedly had to remodel our bathroom, I was 5-6 months pregnant and completely overwhelmed! We went away to visit my family for Christmas and were having our bedroom floors refinished while we were out of town. We came back to the contractor saying that something didn’t look right underneath our master bathroom. After further investigation, turns out our shower had not been properly sealed and had been leaking pretty much the whole 10 years that we had been living in the house. Every support beam holding up our bathroom was completely damaged and needed to be replaced. This was only validated when my husbands foot literally went through the tile floor when he got out of the shower one morning. We took this as an opportunity to remodel the bathroom! Which normally, I would be ecstatic about but the damage was so extensive that within 48 hours, our bathroom was just a gaping hole in our house. To top it off, of course there was mold from the water leaking for 10 + years so being pregnant, I couldn’t even walk into our bedroom to get our items out.

The contractors had to tear out the existing bathroom as soon as possible which meant they also did the cleaning out of all of our personal items. Let’s just say our house looked like a combination of Hoarders and Extreme Home Make Over. Being the Type A personality that I am, y’all can imagine that my anxiety was through the roof! On top of living in a construction zone, being pregnant, and completely drowning in work at my job, I left most of the designing and remodeling to my Husband. My only requirement was that we add additional storage. Other than that, I gave my Husband complete freedom with the bathroom design. Which again, for this Type A girl, was not an easy task for me to do but he came through big time!

Our new bathroom has been great and was finished JUST in time for us to get moved back in and be ready for Baby! But since we cut the timeline pretty close, I didn’t have a chance to do much organizing and then baby arrived and everything just got pushed off to the wayside. Finally a couple of weeks ago, I was determined to get everything into a rightful place. As I was sorting and organizing I was able to take an inventory of the amount of beauty products that I have. I wasn’t even aware that I had back up upon back ups of items and other things I never even knew I had! I love trying all kinds of products so I decided to use 2018 as a Year Of No Buy!

A Year of No Buy? What does that even mean?

What it means is, that I won’t be purchasing any beauty products unless I am totally out and don’t have a comparable product to use. This will allow me to thoroughly use up and review products and maybe find some new holy grail items! The only time I will purchase a product is if I don’t have anything else that will do the job. For example, I’m on my last can of hairspray. So once I use up the last of this can, I will purchase more because I don’t have anything else in my collection that is hairspray related. And let’s be real, I’m a proper southern girl and we don’t function without a can of hairspray in our bathroom cabinets at all times.

My one exception will be my subscription boxes, Ipsy and Bumpbox. I will continue to receive these mainly because it would be too complicated to try and suspend them and I really, really look forward to getting them each month. So it’s my one treat for myself. 🙂

I’m really excited to for this challenge and to work through the products that are in my bathroom!

December Beauty Empties


Anyone else feel like they run out of all their beauty products at the same time? December was an especially productive month for “empties”. I collected the items that I used up over the month of December and have put together mini reviews. I’ll let you know what I think and if it’s something I would repurchase or not. So here we go, December Empties!

Just be prepared to see this one in pretty much and empties post. This is my favorite brand of hairspray of all time. I discovered this hair spray in college and have never looked back! This can is the strongest hold that they make, which I bought because finding the Level 5 hold is actually really hard! So when I found it, I scooped up two cans. But I have to say, that the level 5 hold isn’t my favorite. I prefer the Level 4 so once I use up my other can of the Level 5, I’ll be going back to my old faithful of the Level 4. The Level 5 had great hold and is considered a “touchable” hairspray but, for me, it makes my hair just a little too crunchy. The level 4 is the perfect amount of hold and touchability but overall this is a great spray and I recommend it for all hair types!


Thayers Witch Hazel Toner is an alcohol-free toner with aloe vera, rose petal water, witch hazel extract, and Vitamin E. I purchased this out of convince and have since fallen in love! I wanted a travel size toner for when I was in the hospital giving birth and this was the only one I could find in a travel size at my local Target so I purchased it without a second thought and threw it in my hospital bag. Once I started using this, I noticed a significant difference in my skin and have dreaded the day that I would run out. Sadly, that day has come and they have been out of the Rose Petal scent every time I’ve gone to my local Target! I will purchase this ten times over and it will be a new staple in my skin care. At the moment, I am using a different toner that I had purchased previously but once I have used that one up, I’ll be ordering this one in bulk! The travel size has lasted me almost six months so I can’t wait to purchase the full size which is 12 oz versus the 3 oz travel size.


So this is a boring one but it takes forever to use up one of the bottles of contact lens solution so I always feel accomplished when I use one up. I won’t spend a lot of time on this one…it’s your basic contact lens solution, it’s what I’ve always used 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ moving on!


If you’ve never hear of Arbonne, you’re missing out!! I normally don’t buy into the direct sales companies but Arbonne is one that I can get behind and have purchased from several times over. Only draw back…it can be pretty pricy so I don’t it purchase often, it’s definitely a splurge but well worth it. The products are amazing and if I could afford it, I would throw out all my skincare and strictly use these products! The corrective eye cream is great and reduces puffiness, under eye circles, and is anti-aging. I’ve purchased this 3 times and if I could afford to buy it every time, I would!


I got this in an Ipsy bag a couple of months ago and was hesitant to use it. I love Smashbox and their products but every Smashbox primer I’ve tried has never worked for me! People rave about them and the primer oil is a cult classic with my favorite YouTubers but it broke me out like crazy and my make up slip all over the place. This primer was ok for me. Again, Smashbox primers just aren’t my thing. I used this up, it did a decent job but I prefer my drugstore primers to this any day. It’s slightly tinted and supposed to create a “glow” but I didn’t really get anything from it. All in all, not bad but not for me


I got this little guy in my most recent Ipsy bag and based off of the description, I couldn’t wait to try it! I opened it immediately and started using it. It takes a lot for me not to use up an entire product even if I don’t care for it but this one is being tossed without finishing! The first couple of days were good but after day 2-3, I noticed some weird patches on my face and small breakouts. It wasn’t anything crazy but it was enough that I was concerned. I don’t break out easy and this was the only thing I had changed in my skincare so I stopped using it for a couple days and used my original nighttime moisturizer. My skin immediately cleared up. I thought maybe it was coincidence so I tried the Chok Chok cream again for a couple days and immediately had the same results 😫 so this one is going in the trash bin without being completed. It was a small sample so it’s not worth giving to someone or donating. I’m so disappointed! I wanted to love this product and get on the Korean beauty bandwagon but this one was a fail for me. However, the scent is lovely and the consistency is really nice.


This little guy, I really enjoyed using. I didn’t notice any amazing results but it was nice to use something a little different in my skincare/nighttime routine. The BirchJuice Hydro Sleeping Pack is a mask that you put on as the last step in your nighttime routine and rinse off in the morning. Let’s be real, with an infant that wakes up at random hours in the morning, I almost always forgot to actually rinse my face in the morning but I never noticed any issues with leaving it on my skin. When I remembered, I would at least use some micellar water and a cotton pad to cleanse my skin. I didn’t use this every night. I would use it a couple times a week until it ran out. On the nights I used this, I used it in place of my nighttime moisturizer.  Overall, it was a nice product! Not something I feel necessary to repurchase but was fun to try and would use again in the future.


This conditioner was so so for me. I received this in a Redkin gift set sometime ago and it sat in my bathroom for a long time before I actually used it. It’s a basic conditioner, I don’t really have anything good or bad to say about it. It did the job but I didn’t notice any big changes in my hair. Overall, I would not repurchase this. I have another condition that is my favorite that I’ll be going back to!


This product is so good! This was just a sample size that I used up but I have a huge tub of it sitting in my cabinet. Gelee is a gel that can ease tired muscles and also hydrate the skin. It’s also great for sunburns and mosquito bites. When I was running consistently, I would use gelee all over my legs and then use a foam roller and I could tell a huge difference anytime I used it. LOVE LOVE LOVE this product.


I received this in a BumpBox subscription box while I was pregnant and I have to say, it’s very nice! Towards the end of my pregnancy, I had awful swelling and terrible terrible joint pain in my hands and feet. I had this in my cabinet and used it out of desperation one night and it did ease my joint pain. It didn’t do much for my swelling but I did feel better after a nice soak with this. You can use as much of the product as you want in your soaks so it’s up to you how quickly you go through it. For me, I did my soaks in my oversized bathtub so I only got a few uses. Overall, I enjoyed this product but probably would not purchase again on my own. I prefer a full body soak as opposed to something that is just specific to my feet.


Hey Honey has become a brand that I really enjoy! I was first introduced to the brand through Ipsy and this mask has been one of my favorites! I normally stray away from exfoliating face products just because I often find exfoliants are too harsh on my face but this isn’t your traditional exfoliant. It’s an exfoliant in the sense that it exfoliates with the peel off component. I haven’t found many peel off masks that are true peel off masks but this one fits the bill. A thin layer is all you need and as soon as it’s dry, you can peel away. It peels off easy and doesn’t irritate the skin and leaves the skin feeling clean and smooth. I noticed a big difference in the size of my pores once I started using this. I would definitely purchase this mask again.


I bought this on a whim right after I had my baby. The packaging originally drew me in (I’m a sucker for good packaging) and as a new mom who barely got a shower let alone had time (or energy) to dry my hair, this sounded like a life saver. The Air Dry It Cream is designed to minimize heat use by working with your natural hair textures to smooth and shine the hair without using heat. I used up the whole bottle but I didn’t notice any real difference :/ Not much to say other than it didn’t hurt my hair but didn’t really help it either. Overall..not a bad product, just not for me.


My Sister gave me this for my birthday . I love dry shampoo and I think it’s the greatest invention butttt this brand was not my style. I like my dry shampoos to be pretty powdery. This doesn’t leave the dreaded white cast but I didn’t feel like this did what I needed it to do as a dry shampoo. I felt like this left a residue in my hair and didn’t really dry up the excess oils. I was happy when I finally used this bottle up and could go back to my old faithful dry shampoo.


If you watch any Beauty Guru on YouTube, you’ve likely heard of Josie Marin so when I got this foundation sample I was so excited. I had never tired any Josie Marin products before and had only ever heard great things. When I first used this foundation, I loved it! It was a medium coverage that could be built up and when I could catch my reflection I felt like it had a beautiful finish. I was sold and thought about purchasing a full size bottle. After using it a couple more times, it just quit working for me! The next few times I used it, it wouldn’t sink into my skin, it slipped everywhere, and took forever to blend. I would catch my reflection throughout the day and it looked awful! It clung to dry patches and showed every little bit of peach fuzz on my face.  I continued to use up the sample and some days it worked and some days it didn’t. I couldn’t figure out why some days I loved it and why some days it looked awful! It’s a mystery and I was glad to finally use the last pump of the bottle. I’ve heard amazing things about other products from Josie Marin but I would skip on this foundation. There’s plenty of great contenders at the drug store.


What I’m taking away from December’s empties is I’ll be going back to a lot of my old faithful’s. While I have a set list of go to products, I still love testing out new things. If you would like more detailed reviews about any of the products listed above, let me know in the comments! I’m happy to do more extensive reviews and will always take suggestions for new products to try!

2018…Let’s Do This!

Oh the New Year! There’s always been something about the countdown to midnight on New Year’s Eve that has always made my heart flutter! Granted I’ve never actually fulfilled a full year of New Year’s resolutions but it’s always fun to set myself up for new challenges.


I’m a very goal oriented person but setting a goal and starting the journey to achieving that goal can be overwhelming! So here’s my method for setting and attaining goals…

I’m all about mini goals that guide you to your ultimate goal. Give yourself tiny benchmarks and take those tasks one at time. Before you know it, your end goal is in sight and you can look back and see your progress through the mini goals!


So 2018…What do I want to accomplish? How am I going to go about it? Am I actually going to complete ANYTHING that I set out to do? I hope so because I’m going to use you guys as my accountability partners! You will know if I succeed or if I fail. I’ll be an open book and won’t sugar coat how everything is going.


So let’s go…2018…what do I want to accomplish?


  • Run at least 1 mile/day

Before getting pregnant, I was an avid runner. I consistently ran half marathons and even completed a full marathon in 2016. After my marathon, I took a brief break because I was completely burned out after marathon training and we had some life moments that continued to push back lacing back up my Nikes. After giving birth, I jumped back into running fairly quickly but have since fallen off the wagon again. I used to barely be able to function if I didn’t get a run in so now I’m going to ease myself back into it!


The goal? A minimum of 1 mile/day. No excuses! I have several running paths right outside my front door, a jogging stroller, and for bad weather days, a treadmill(😫 last resort!!). I have no reason not to lace up! Thinking about running everyday for 365 Days is enough to cause me to rethink this resolution, even as a previous runner. Shoot…thinking about running everyday for one month makes me anxious! So here’s my plan….I’m going to take it week by week. You can do anything for one week. I will only set expectations for that week and that week alone. I won’t think about the weeks before or the weeks ahead. I will check off each day and track each run with my favorite apps. I’d love to get back into racing, especially half marathons, but to start, I’m just going to get moving!


  • Get back to pre baby weight (and then some)

Alright, alright here’s your typical weight loss goal that everyone and their mother sets every year. I’ve always been weight conscious and have never felt fully comfortable in my own skin so when I got pregnant, I accepted that I wouldn’t have any control over what my body was going to do. I knew no matter what that I had to nourish my body for my baby. Not going to lie, it was uncomfortable when I started seeing numbers on the scale I had never seen before. It was hard but it also meant my little nugget was growing, which was all I could ask for.


I gained right around 35 pounds when all was said and done.  I was surprised that I had only gained 35 pounds, but it definitely was not what I was used to. Being 4’11, the smallest weight gain shows quickly so I knew getting back into my pre-pregnancy clothes was going to be a process. I’m lucky in the sense that the first 20-25 pounds literally just fell off…I didn’t really have to do anything to jump start the weight loss so I just assumed I’d be back to pre-baby weight in no time! Welllll six months post partum and that pesky 10 pounds is still sticking around. I was about 10 pounds heavier that normal when I got pregnant so in reality, I’d love to knock off 20ish pounds but that alone sounds so overwhelming! So here’s the plan..


I’m going to focus on the last 10 pounds from pregnancy. I can wrap my head around 5-10 pounds at a time so the first half of 2018, I’m only going to focus on what I gained from pregnancy. I have two weddings that I am in before my son’s first birthday in June so my goal is to have to have dresses taken in and not just hemmed (like everything else I own…the joys of being 4’11)


  • Nap train my son in his crib

Ok this one is random but I have had to do some serious work with my son on napping! The first three months of his life he was an amazing napper. We hit month three and it completely changed and he never wanted to nap. I wouldn’t have thought anything of it except by mid afternoon, he would become inconsolable and I was crying almost as hard as he was.


I’ve gotten him back to napping consistently and sleeping well at night, however, he almost always naps in my bed. Before people jump all over me for letting him be in the big bed, he is never under any covers and I move all the pillows away from him. He literally just lays on top of the comforter and sleeps for 2-3 hours at a time. Which has completely saved my sanity!! However, I would like for him to associate all sleeping with his crib (which he sleeps in every night)…So my goal is to move any sleeping of any kind to his crib.


I don’t have a set plan on how to accomplish this just yet but I think I’m going to do something similar to how I’ve been sleep training him at night. If you want to hear about how I nap/sleep trained my son, let me know in the comments!


  • Growing my blog

Lastly, blogging is something I’ve wanted to do for so long that I really want to stay committed to it! I can easily see how it would be easy to quit before you even get started but now that I have started, I’m committed! I want to post consistently, create quality content, and create something I’m proud to show off! I’m all for constructive criticism and suggestions for content and expanding my little corner of the internet.



I’m so excited for 2018 and to see what it has in store! And for once, I feel like I’ve set resolutions that I can actually stick to for the year!


What are your New Years Resolutions? Who needs an accountability partner?


I’m your girl!


Happy New Year!! 2018 is going to be a great year!

Wait, What? I’m a Mom?!

Am I the only one out there that finds themselves looking down at their sweet bundle of joy and all of a sudden thinking “holy crap! I’m a mom…… When did this happen? How did the Universe decide I was capable of being a MOM?!” The truth is….I find I have one of these moments at least once a day and they hit me like a ton of bricks!

Oddly, these reality checks don’t occur during the hard moments. The hard moments when the baby’s crying uncontrollably or you’re changing the 100th diaper of the day while trying not to gag at the spit up covered shirt you’re wearing. They occur during the good moments. The moments when he smiles for no apparent reason or the rare moment he goes down easy for a nap. Those are the moments when I stop in my tracks and think “This is real life!”

Could these reality checks be the Universe telling me I kinda sorta don’t suck at this mom thing? Am I doing something right on this crazy journey of raising a tiny human? Is the Universe letting me know that I’m handling everything like a boss?

Eh, probably not but a girl can dream right?

I’ve officially been a mom for six months….SIX MONTHS! I still find it so hard to wrap my head around. Where did those six months go? I had all these expectations on what my life would be like if I was fortunate enough to be a stay at home mom and 98% of them are still sitting on a to-do list that I’m constantly re-writing and re-prioritizing.

Six months has ever felt so short and so long all at the same time. Some days I think “Heck yeah, I got this! I could have three more!” and other days I’m barely able to brush my teeth and can’t remember how many days in a row I’ve worn the same yoga pants. Let’s not even talk about the number of dry shampoo cans I’ve gone through.

Being a wife and a mom are the only two things I’ve ever been 100% certain of and have felt born to do. But even though I truly feel that this is what I was created to do, I have no stinking clue what I’m doing! I’m figuring it out just like the rest of the world.

I’m going to mess up. I’m going to make questionable choices. I’m going to have days where you won’t be able to tell who’s crying harder, me or the baby. But no matter how long or hard the days are, I wouldn’t be on this journey if the Universe didn’t think I could handle it.

So cheers my friends! We are all on different paths but at the end of the day, none of us really know what we’re doing. So lets support each other when the “holy crap” moments happen because we’re all figuring out our life plans together!

December BumpBox

Y’all…what did we do before subscription boxes? Seriously, I LOVE LOVE LOVE getting my subscription boxes in the mail every month. One of my favorite ones is BumpBox!

My mom ordered me a subscription to BumpBox at the beginning of my pregnancy. I had never heard of Bumpbox so when it showed up on my door step I was so excited and I realized what it was.


BumpBox is a curated subscription box that caters to you and your pregnancy. But the exciting thing is, you can continue to receive BumpBox even after you little one has arrived! Each box that I received during pregnancy was designed for the stages of pregnancy. For example, the first box I received had things to ease morning sickness but by the end of my pregnancy, I was getting foot soaks and other items to help calm your mind and body for final weeks before baby arrived.

Now, I get items that are related to Anderson’s growth and development as well as feel good items for me! This months box contained Mom feel good items! Let’s jump into this months box…

First up….Glow Organics 9 Charcoal Face and Body Mask. I’m so excited about this! I love a good mask and charcoal masks are my favorite. I can’t wait to give this a try. I’ve been sent other Glow Organics products in previous boxes and have really enjoyed them. My only complaint with Glow Organics is so superficial, I hate to even mention it but the packaging! It’s so big and bulky. Granted, you get a ton of product which is great but I have a hard time find places to store them that’s convenient so I remember to use their products.


This mask is said to be a detoxifying mask for the face and body that keeps your skin glowing! The mask contains charcoal and avocado oil that clear away impurities and also exfoliates. The Glow Organics 9 Charcoal Face and Body Mask is $24.99.


Glow Organcis 9 Charcoal Mask


I love a good up of coffee or tea and this months box is only adding to my addiction. This month comes with Earth Mama Peaceful Mama Tea. The Peaceful Mama Tea is a chamomile and red raspberry blend that aids with stress and insomnia. I’ve had the Earth Mama Milk Maid Tea and really liked it so I’m excited to try this one….especially since… the next item was….


Bumplife “Tired As A Mother” Mug! This mug is ADORABLE and I immediately rinsed it out and used it! It’s actually smaller size mug than I’m used to but I found that I really enjoyed the size of it. I was able to brew 8oz of coffee comfortably and still have enough room for my splash of creamer and almond milk. I foresee this mug and I becoming good friends. ❤️


Earth Mama Peaceful Mama Tea is $5.99

Earth Mama Peaceful Mama Tea


The Bumplife mug is $9.99, however, I’ve searched the internet and can’t find this exact mug 🙁 but I have linked to Bumplife’s website. They have lots of fun pregnancy products to check out!

Bump Life


Who doesn’t love a good candle? I do that’s for sure! I can’t get enough candles so when I saw No. 6 Soy Candle I did a happy dance. It’s in the scent lavender which means it will be finding a home in my bathroom. Lavender is my favorite sent to burn when I’m able to take a relaxing bath.


Again, I couldn’t find a link for the exact candle provided in the box but I have linked to the parent company for the brand.

Aroma Naturals


I was intrigued when I saw the Berkley Spray in the box and reached for it first. It’s a idea neutralizing spray that’s organic and safe to use around baby! It comes with a spritzer and I immediately screwed it in and went to the nursery! I sprayed down the crib and the bathroom and I have to say, this stuff really works! It doesn’t have an odor itself but it did completely take away and odors that were in Anderson’s room! Can I buy this stuff in bulk?! I want to have a bottle in every room!


Berkley Spray is $7.99

Berkley Green Baby Odor Nursery Remover


The last main item in the box this month are Bumplife Hair Ties! I LOVE these kinds of hair ties and you won’t find me without one these days. Again, sadly, I couldn’t find the exact ones I received but I’ve linked to a great alternative from Amazon.


Kenz Laurenz Elastic Pony Tail Holders


The last couple items that were in this months BumpBox are considered bonus items! Usually, BumpBox includes coupon codes or discounts for other items and this month was no different 🙂 This month included a $10 off and $40 purchase with Glow Organics as well as a code for a free gift with Parabo Press. The last bonus item was a Laughing Giraffe Snackaroon. I had actually tried these before so it was a fun surprise to see! Laughing Giraffe is an organic, plant based, gluten-free, all natural snack company with lots of different products. And they are DELICIOUS! They are a great healthy snack.


The Laughing Giraffe


Overall, I’m so happy with the month’s box and ready to dig into these products! Keep checking back to see updates for how these products worked out!


Interested in getting BumpBox or giving it as a gift? Check out the link below!


Get Bump Box Here!