January New Years Resolutions Review Part 1

Hey guys! So month one of 2018 has come to a close and here are my New Years Resolutions updates! I’ve split them up into two posts because otherwise they would be ridiculously long so here’s week 1 and 2 round up!



The first week of the new year brought unusually cold temperatures for Georgia so trying to get runs in was tricky. Normally, I’ll brave the temperatures and run at one of the countless parks in my town but with a baby, the temperatures were too low to have him with me. So most days this week I had to settle for a late night treadmill run. Running on the treadmill is one of my least favorite ways to work out but, hey, you do what you gotta do. I got at least a mile in every day this week! Plus, I finally used up some gift cards that were burning a hole in my pocket and got new shoes!



Nike lunarglides are my current shoe choice. I tend to switch up my shoes depending on what level of training I’m doing. These are my second pair and I am really enjoy them for the lighter running I’ve been doing. I was able to stay pretty consistent with my pace each day and even was able to comfortably up the speed towards the end of the week.


Since I was limited to the treadmill this week, there wasn’t much progress weight wise. I’ve stayed around the same weight that I started the year with and not going to lie, I didn’t really focus on anything different with my diet. I spent my first week really tackling just getting moving again. If I can get back in the habit of running, I’ll start to adjust my diet so that I can sustain longer and faster runs. It’s all a process, one thing at a time. 🙂


On to nap training Anderson in his crib. This one is all over the place but making progress!! During the first week, I decided to tackle napping in the crib every other day just for the sheer fact that naptime and bed time are the only thing that keep me from feeling completely run down. The first few days went as well as can be expected. Some days were good, other days were not. Towards the end of week 1, we unexpectedly had to put down our oldest dog, Lucy. This was a super emotional day and I honestly just didn’t have the energy. He napped on and off all day but nothing solid and mainly they were on me, which I didn’t mind. I welcomed the snuggles. The next day was probably the best day yet with no napping issues and no issues going to sleep either but by Sunday…he wasn’t at all interested in napping again.


Blogging week 1 went great! I got up three different posts, pre-planned several topics, worked on getting more organized and set some goals for February. I have been keeping all of my drafts and other blogging items in a OneNote notebook, I had minor hiccup when my computer glitched and I lost some of my drafts and other information I had saved to OneNote. I slightly freaked out but was finally able to recover most of it and what I had lost wasn’t major. I was able to re-create anything that was lost..whew!! I also decided that trying to put up three posts a week might be a bit ambitious right now. I’m going to focus on one to two solid posts per week to make sure I’m delivering the best content I can.


We were FINALLY able to venture outside a couple days this week! It just confirmed how much I don’t like being on a treadmill! Being able to go outside for a run was so nice and taking Anderson along with me is even better. Unfortunately, we had another cold snap so I was bound back to the treadmill for a few days. Overall, I logged about 10 miles this week! I did have to walk some of those miles towards the end of the week. My left knee has been bothering me and feels like I might have hyper extended it. It took a couple days of just walking 1-2 miles towards the end of the week and it’s starting to feel better.


As far as weight loss goes, the number on the scale hasn’t moved but I do feel like I’m losing some inches. I still haven’t been great about diet and I really need to focus on upping my water intake. But I’ve stayed moving and was able to adjust down a notch on my Apple watch! I’ll take it!


Week 2 was a doozie for trying to get Anderson to nap in general. He’s in a growth spurt, teething, and trying to figure out how to crawl. With all that going on, his normal nightly sleep patterns were a little off and he was extra clingy. I was able to get him napping a couple of days in his crib but he mostly took little cap naps on me. The important thing was that he was napping so after fighting him a couple of days on naps, I finally just let him sleep regardless of where it was…9 times out of 10, that was on me.

As far as blogging this week, I really really second guessed myself. I go through these periods of self doubt and I really thought about throwing in the towel. Nothing in particular happened, I’m just bad about getting into my head so I did a mental reset. I’ve been hesitant to promote my blog. I finally decided to make a separate Instagram for the blog to begin promotion and letting people know I’m out there. I’ve made some more goals and plans of actions for continuing blogging and I’m ready to keep going!


How are you guys doing with your resolutions? Remember that you don’t need a new year to set new goals! Sometimes you just need a new week! Check out my January Part 2 coming soon!