The Baby Dry Skin Dream Team!

I love when inspiration strikes out of nowhere! This post wasn’t originally planned but I came across two products that I just can’t say enough good things about! I posted about them on my personal Instastory and was flooded with messages and questions.

Being from the south, I’ve never had to really worry about dry skin in the winter. We get some cold temperatures but nothing ever too crazy (we’re lucky if we get one snow day every two years) but this year we had a major cold snap and it has lasted off and on for a few weeks.



Pre-baby Molly would have been in heaven! Give me all the boots, scarves, and big sweatshirts! I love bundling up and my skin doesn’t really dry out so it’s never been an issue for me.

Post-baby Molly? WINTER IS EXHAUSTING! And…why wasn’t it this cold last year when I was pregnant?! Dressing myself is still easy but trying to dress a baby?! My goodness, it’s just easier to stay home. Even worse then trying to get out and about is that the cold weather reeked havoc on poor Anderson’s skin. He woke up one morning with dry patches on his arms and legs and his poor cheeks were chapped and so so red!



When I realized how dried out his skin was, I began doubling up on his lotion and using Aquaphor on his cheeks. Initially, the Aquaphor was helping but seemed to be keeping his cheeks from getting worse but not really helping them get better. I tired a mix of lotions, Aquaphor, and coconut oil and nothing seemed to do the trick. I found myself constantly lathering him up with lotion (which he hated) and just not really seeing any improvement.

A couple of years ago I learned about a lot of products that can be your personal care products that are actually really bad for your skin! The main ingredient that is HORRIBLE for your skin is Mineral Oil (also known as petrolatum). You would think that something called mineral oil would be beneficial but there is nothing farther from the truth. Mineral Oil actually prevents your skin from being able to breath. It will clog your pores and damages the water layer of your skin that allows products to absorb. Basically, it suffocates the skin! I try to always check products for mineral oil or petrolatum before purchasing and I will not purchase it if it contains mineral oil.

As I began looking at the few baby products that I had on hand, I realized….THEY ALL HAVE MINERAL OIL IN THEM! I immediately stopped using them. I’d rather not use anything at all on his skin than use something that has mineral oil in it. The next day, we ventured to Target to see what alternatives we could find. I specifically wanted something that I felt comfortable using on his face.


As soon as we were on the baby care aisle, I started reading labels. I started to get frustrated because everything had mineral oil or petrolatum listed as an ingredient. Finally, I look up and see The Honest Company. Surely, they were safe right? And even better, there was big, bold print that said face and body! I snatched the bottle and scanned the ingredients.….NO MINERAL OIL! SOLD! In the buggy it went. My sister had also recommended using an eczema cream. I scanned the aisle and saw the Aveeno Baby Eczema Night Therapy balm. Again, I scanned through the ingredients and we were clear of Mineral oil so to the check out we went!



Anderson got his usual nighttime bath and I sat down to test out these new products. As first I was put off with The Honest Company Lotion just because the consistency seemed thin so I began thinking that this might not be the answer to our problems but I figured I would give it a shot anyway. It went over Anderson’s skin so nicely! I absorbed quickly and felt really nice on his skin. Ok, maybe I judged too quickly!

I used a little bit on his face but before he went to bed, I decided to try the Aveeno. I figured it wouldn’t hurt anything. As soon as I felt this product, I knew we had a winner. This stuff feels so good! It’s nice and creamy and thick! But the thickness doesn’t feel heavy at all. It glides over the skin so smoothly and just feels like a little bit of heaven! I put this all over Anderson’s cheeks and put him to bed.

The next morning, Anderson’s skin looked and felt so much better! The redness and dryness on his cheeks was a total night and day difference. And the dry patches on his arms and legs had greatly improved as well. I’m so impressed with these two products that I have put everything else that I had tried out in the back of the cabinet and will only be using these from now on. We’ve been using these two products for less than three days and it has completely transformed his skin. I would recommend these to anyone and everyone and not even just for kids. I love the Aveeno so much, I want to purchase the big tub for myself to use! If you or your child is suffering from dry skin, I would strongly recommend trying these out!

What are your favorite baby care products? What products have worked out and what haven’t?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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