Christmas Shopping In January?

Ok so this post is about Christmas shopping. I know, I know it’s January. We just had Christmas and we are a full calendar year away from next Christmas. But my secret to Christmas shopping starts in January!


I buy Christmas gifts pretty much all year long. I keep an eye out for things, especially for my mom, sister, and in laws all the time. As I find things, I tuck them away in a specific place. Come thanksgiving, I’ll pull everything and evaluate what I have and then even out  anyone I’m short for. This makes Christmas and really any holiday or birthday so much less stressful! Most of the time I just end up having to fully shop for just a couple of people or pick up just a couple odds and ends to even things out.


With that said, I’m an avid online shopper and I have four websites that are serious game changers when it comes to gift giving. I’ve purchased gifts from these sites for any and all types of events that involve gifts. These sites have helped me to purchase gifts year around so that I’m not scrambling at Christmas time to get everyone crossed off my list as well as get some great quality products for fractions of what I would normally pay. Now, I might be stating the obvious with these websites but these sites are serious gift giving game changers (and for my own person purchases 😉 ) and are my two all time favorite places to shop online. They are both similar in their concepts which is why I’ve listed them together. Basically, Jane and Groopdealz are flash sale style sites that contain anything and everything that you might have on a Pinterest board. These sites contain clothing, home décor, accessories, beauty products, and just about anything else you can think of. I go to these sites without a set agenda. I scroll through the main pages looking for anything and everything or scroll through their specific categories if there happens to be something specific I’m looking for. I’m able to knock out gifts for any of the ladies in my life, my son, my nieces and even find gifts for men. (Who here thinks men are the hardest people in the world to shop for?!) Overall, these two sites are my most visited pages on my computer and phone. (They both have apps!!) is similar to Jane and Groopdealz in the sense that it’s another flash sale style site. Zulilly is different in the sense that these are going to contain sales from more popular name brands where Jane and Groopdealz are going to be smaller more independent retailers. Zuilily has just about any item and brand you could think of and the deals really can’t be beat! I have purchased expensive, name brand items for fraction of the costs. Now, the only draw back can be shipping times. Shipping can vary greatly on Zulilly so if you need something in a pinch, I would suggest looking elsewhere but If you aren’t worried about a timeline, Zulily is great for gift purchases!…ok this one is super obvious but seriously, how did any of us shop online before Amazon?! They literally have EVERYTHING. If you can’t find it on Amazon, it does not exist. You can be super specific in the items you are looking for or you can just do a general search and literally have hundreds results to look through. I love Amazon when I’m trying to find anything and everything. I’ve even started keeping a wish list of items for myself. I’m terrible at telling people what to buy me for my birthday or Christmas so I’m keeping a wish list so that I’m able to give it to friends and family if they ask what to give me as a gift.

These are my go-to sites for gifting and personal shopping. I’d love to hear what some of your favorite places to shop are! Leave me some suggestions in the comments below 🙂

I’m always looking for new and fun places to shop!