December BumpBox

Y’all…what did we do before subscription boxes? Seriously, I LOVE LOVE LOVE getting my subscription boxes in the mail every month. One of my favorite ones is BumpBox!

My mom ordered me a subscription to BumpBox at the beginning of my pregnancy. I had never heard of Bumpbox so when it showed up on my door step I was so excited and I realized what it was.


BumpBox is a curated subscription box that caters to you and your pregnancy. But the exciting thing is, you can continue to receive BumpBox even after you little one has arrived! Each box that I received during pregnancy was designed for the stages of pregnancy. For example, the first box I received had things to ease morning sickness but by the end of my pregnancy, I was getting foot soaks and other items to help calm your mind and body for final weeks before baby arrived.

Now, I get items that are related to Anderson’s growth and development as well as feel good items for me! This months box contained Mom feel good items! Let’s jump into this months box…

First up….Glow Organics 9 Charcoal Face and Body Mask. I’m so excited about this! I love a good mask and charcoal masks are my favorite. I can’t wait to give this a try. I’ve been sent other Glow Organics products in previous boxes and have really enjoyed them. My only complaint with Glow Organics is so superficial, I hate to even mention it but the packaging! It’s so big and bulky. Granted, you get a ton of product which is great but I have a hard time find places to store them that’s convenient so I remember to use their products.


This mask is said to be a detoxifying mask for the face and body that keeps your skin glowing! The mask contains charcoal and avocado oil that clear away impurities and also exfoliates. The Glow Organics 9 Charcoal Face and Body Mask is $24.99.


Glow Organcis 9 Charcoal Mask


I love a good up of coffee or tea and this months box is only adding to my addiction. This month comes with Earth Mama Peaceful Mama Tea. The Peaceful Mama Tea is a chamomile and red raspberry blend that aids with stress and insomnia. I’ve had the Earth Mama Milk Maid Tea and really liked it so I’m excited to try this one….especially since… the next item was….


Bumplife “Tired As A Mother” Mug! This mug is ADORABLE and I immediately rinsed it out and used it! It’s actually smaller size mug than I’m used to but I found that I really enjoyed the size of it. I was able to brew 8oz of coffee comfortably and still have enough room for my splash of creamer and almond milk. I foresee this mug and I becoming good friends. ❤️


Earth Mama Peaceful Mama Tea is $5.99

Earth Mama Peaceful Mama Tea


The Bumplife mug is $9.99, however, I’ve searched the internet and can’t find this exact mug 🙁 but I have linked to Bumplife’s website. They have lots of fun pregnancy products to check out!

Bump Life


Who doesn’t love a good candle? I do that’s for sure! I can’t get enough candles so when I saw No. 6 Soy Candle I did a happy dance. It’s in the scent lavender which means it will be finding a home in my bathroom. Lavender is my favorite sent to burn when I’m able to take a relaxing bath.


Again, I couldn’t find a link for the exact candle provided in the box but I have linked to the parent company for the brand.

Aroma Naturals


I was intrigued when I saw the Berkley Spray in the box and reached for it first. It’s a idea neutralizing spray that’s organic and safe to use around baby! It comes with a spritzer and I immediately screwed it in and went to the nursery! I sprayed down the crib and the bathroom and I have to say, this stuff really works! It doesn’t have an odor itself but it did completely take away and odors that were in Anderson’s room! Can I buy this stuff in bulk?! I want to have a bottle in every room!


Berkley Spray is $7.99

Berkley Green Baby Odor Nursery Remover


The last main item in the box this month are Bumplife Hair Ties! I LOVE these kinds of hair ties and you won’t find me without one these days. Again, sadly, I couldn’t find the exact ones I received but I’ve linked to a great alternative from Amazon.


Kenz Laurenz Elastic Pony Tail Holders


The last couple items that were in this months BumpBox are considered bonus items! Usually, BumpBox includes coupon codes or discounts for other items and this month was no different 🙂 This month included a $10 off and $40 purchase with Glow Organics as well as a code for a free gift with Parabo Press. The last bonus item was a Laughing Giraffe Snackaroon. I had actually tried these before so it was a fun surprise to see! Laughing Giraffe is an organic, plant based, gluten-free, all natural snack company with lots of different products. And they are DELICIOUS! They are a great healthy snack.


The Laughing Giraffe


Overall, I’m so happy with the month’s box and ready to dig into these products! Keep checking back to see updates for how these products worked out!


Interested in getting BumpBox or giving it as a gift? Check out the link below!


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